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enquiries@crirs.ng & returns@crirs.ng
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Emeka chukwuma

WAO!.. At last the citizens of cross river state can now see change, transparency and accountability.. Thanks to The Executive Chairman CRIRS. this is a wonderful development..

Stanley Orok Obi

Its Nice to hear from you Mr. Emeka. Please feel free to download all the tax laws and get acquainted with its details. for details or other inquiries please feel free to leave us a comment, and we will be on it ASAP.

Itoro Essien

Thank you CRIRS..
This is first of its kind since the inception of the service.
The executive chairman of the service is indeed visionary
Weldone sir!!

Stanley Orok Obi

Thank you Mr. Itoro Essien for your feedback..

Edidiong udofia

Good morning Sir,
I have downloaded the approved laws.. Its a wonderful initiative sir
I wish to request that some pages are a little bit dark.. Can you please make the page brighter..
Thanks and best regards

Stanley Orok Obi

Good Afternoon Mr. Udofia,

It’s Nice to hear from you. Please note that your request for a cleaner scan is in place,
please feel free to download as desired.

thank you for your feedback

do have a lovely day.

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