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Join Our Online Community

Join Our Online Community

Join our online taxpayer community to make tax payment in our state an easy one.

We have 3 different channels of communication. Should you have any kind of tax related issues, complains or you want to make an inquiry, feel free to reach us through any of channels on the right.

You can also browse through our list of well prepared and tutored Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Email Us
Email Us
Send us an email by using enquiries@crirs.crossriverstate.gov.ng or returns@crirs.crossriverstate.gov.ng
Tax Policy Of Cross River State

The Tax Policy of Cross River State comprises of the

Administer Taxation
To administer taxation in accordance with existing Federal and State tax legislations…
Adhere to Guidelines
To adhere to all guidelines issued by the Joint Tax Board (JTB) from time to time.
Align with State ICT Policy
To align with the State Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) policy as it relates to taxation.
Administer the payment of taxes
To administer the payment of taxes using the Taxpayer Identication Number (TIN).
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